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Join Classic Industries® B2B Wholesale Program Today!
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The Classic Industries® B2B Program is designed for Parts Stores, Body Shops and Trim Shops.

Classic Industries® B2B Wholesale Program will help to provide your business with a competitive edge by offering qualifying automotive businesses a substantial discount on parts and accessories. After acceptance into the program, qualified businesses will be able to order parts and accessories with no buy-in or minimum orders to maintain.

Why Join Classic Industries® B2B Program?

No Buy-In

Easy qualifying for restoration shops, body shops, and trim shops. Initial investment is not necessary for legitimate automotive businesses to apply for this wholesale discount program.

No Minimum Order Requirement

Qualifying businesses receive discounts regardless of the dollar value of the order. No need to build orders to take advantage of wholesale discount pricing.

No Minimum Monthly Purchase Requirement

There are no minimum monthly order volumes to maintain. So, qualifying businesses are not in danger of losing wholesale status during slow periods or in the off-season.

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